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UK Health and Safety Law places a duty on all employers to protect the health, safety and welfare of all their employees whilst at work. Including the impact of workplace stress.
To help employers manage stress in the workplace the Health & Safety Executive have developed management standards for six key risk factors:
  • Demands, working patterns and the work environment.
  • Control over the work you perform.
  • Support from your colleagues and managers.
  • Relationships and conflict in the workplace.
  • Role and understanding your place in the organisation.
  • Change and its impact.
The standards adopt the risk assessment approach and are based on assessing the organisation as a whole through measuring employee interactions with their job.
Employees are surveyed anonymously for their individual perceptions, only aggregate data is used and specific jobs and employees are not risk assessed.
The HSE are responsible for monitoring and enforcing legislation and their target is for all employers to match the current performance of the top 20% of organisations successfully minimising work-related stress.
For further information on the management standards visit the  HSE website.
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