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The StressMeter™ tool simplifies, automates and manages the stress risk assessment process. The system fully complies with the HSE Management Standard and incorporates a web enabled employee survey, risk assessment, automatic processing, analysis and reporting.
Options to add questions, sophisticated filter analysis and benchmarking against our database, result in a powerful and flexible system that is convenient for employees, simple to use, saves time and reduces cost.
StressMeterPRO users benefit from:
  • 12 months unrestricted system access
  • Custom filter and body questions
  • Compare locations, departments, roles etc.
  • Find beacon practice and stress hot spots
  • Benchmark results against the database
  • Trend progress and monitor interventions
  • Action plan pro-forma for each risk factor
  • Guide to interventions.
The system has the flexibility required to meet the needs of both large complex organisations and smaller employers and can be configured in "white label" form for use by specialist providers.
An entry level version of StressMeter™ provides a convenient, cost effective solution for small businesses and organisations. For details please contact us.
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