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Employee attitude surveys provide employers with an insight into their employee's opinions. We provide a range of customised employee surveys enabling the efficient collection of the data and automatic analysis and reporting of the results in a fast and cost effective way.
These surveys can focus on:
  • Improving attendance
  • Helping recruit and retain staff
  • The impact of organisational change
  • The effectiveness of interventions
  • Enhancing the working environment
  • Encouraging engagement and facilitate feed-back
  • Addressing specific events and issues
  • Increasing profitability.
Customised filter and body questions can be used to provide a clear understanding of important issues. Employees access the survey on-line, or on paper, and system tools encourage participation and improve the quality of data.
Results can be accessed on-line, printed out for management reports and raw data exported for off-line analysis.
When carried out effectively, these surveys can tell employers a lot about what employees really think about the company, the workplace, and their working lives.
To encourage participation, honesty and openness, it is important to maintain the confidentiality and anonymity of your employees during this process. Our employee attitude surveys are completed on-line and all data is stored and processed on our secure servers and usually only group data is presented in reports.
For further information please contact us.