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Tool: StressMeter™ - Employee Wellbeing Survey
Business type: District Council
Location: Northern England
Budget: £3,800 - including paper questionnaires.
Timescales: "From Council approval it took us 2 weeks to finalise our additional questions and issue our welcome letters. Data was collected within 28 days and the reports were presented 10 days later. We continue to use the StressMeter™ system on an on-going basis."
Background: "As part of our on-going employee wellbeing programme we have previously carried out a Council wide Employee Attitude Survey. Although this included some questions related to workplace stress, we wished to comply with the latest HSE guidelines, identify stress hot spots within the council and compare our position with other Local Authority and Public Sector employers.
The survey process was co-ordinated by our Health and Safety advisor using the StressMeter™ system. In addition to the standard HSE stress questions and filter questions identifying our locations, service areas and job roles we also added a number of questions related to diet, work/life balance and activity. The additional questions were formulated within the council and we were able to gain feedback on training and interventions that had already been introduced. To facilitate less structured responses we also included an open question allowing text comments to be entered.
A welcome letter with log-in information was sent out to all our employees and about 20% of our staff then requested paper questionnaires. These were returned direct to health-e-solutions™ for processing. We included information on our Council web-site with daily updates on participation and all data was collected within 4 weeks."
Outcome: "Over 75% of our employees participated in the survey allowing us to produce detailed reports for the entire Council and for all our individual service areas.

We were able to identify a number of areas within the council where workplace stress was being managed effectively, particularly in the areas of Control and Demand. By identifying best practice in these areas we were able to provide positive feedback and encourage transfer to other parts of the Council. The text responses were especially useful in understanding a number of stress “hot spots” and guiding subsequent focus group discussion.
In addition to an extremely useful HSE compliant stress risk assessment for the entire Council, each Service Director received a detailed report for their own area and this was then used to develop their own action plans and interventions as part of our broader “Improving Working Lives” agenda. This has included introduction of stress awareness and stress management training for line managers and focus groups and further investigation for our employees working in stress hot spots.
A detailed benchmark report against other Councils allowed us to compare our results for each of the individual HSE Management Standards and we continue to monitor this comparison on a regular basis.
We plan to repeat the survey in about 18 months time and will next time include a number of additional aspects previously covered by our Employee Attitude Survey."
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