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Tool: StressMeter™ - Employee Wellbeing Survey
Business type: NHS Hospitals Trust
Location: North West
Budget: "The survey was completed within our budget of £5,000."
Timescales: "From Trust approval it took us 3 weeks to finalise our additional questions and issue our welcome letters. Data was collected within one month and the reports were presented 7 days later."
Background: "Following an HSE inspection, our organisation had already developed a policy for workplace stress and established a working party co-ordinated by our Occupational Health and Health and Safety teams. To complement the information we already had from sickness and absence records, a survey of employees was required to identify the possible causes of stress and locate any hot spots within the Trust where interventions may be appropriate.
Our survey was presented as an Employee Wellbeing Survey based on the StressMeter™ system and included the standard HSE Stress Indicator Tool. We added extra questions relating to broader issues of employee wellbeing and filter questions to identify the various sites, directorates and job categories within our Trust.
A welcome letter with log-in information was sent out to all employees with their payslip and the majority of respondents then completed the survey on-line. Paper questionnaires were issued on request.
We were provided with regular reports as the data was collected allowing us to give extra encouragement to any underrepresented areas. We were delighted with participation which was four times higher than our last NHS Staff survey and all departments were represented."
Outcome: "The HSE guidelines were met with minimum of cost and our stress risk assessment was carried out without having to divert any of our staff away from their normal responsibilities.

In addition to an extremely useful HSE compliant stress risk assessment for the entire Trust, we also received detailed reports for each of the management standards and individual reports for each location, directorate and department.
A detailed benchmark report allowed us to compare our results with other NHS Trusts and proved to be very useful in understanding and interpreting our results.
Each Directorate and Department Head received their own reports which were then used to identify any stress hot spots within their area. This proved very useful in encouraging enthusiastic participation in the interventions that were then introduced.
We regularly refer to the reports and use the on-line analysis tools to guide and inform our continuing work to improve awareness and develop effective interventions to minimise the incidence and impact of workplace stress in our Trust.
We plan to repeat the survey in about 18 months to assess the impact of our interventions and identify any new stress hot spots that might have developed."
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