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SurveyMaster™ is designed to take an existing paper questionnaire and rapidly convert it into a web-enabled custom survey with the power, convenience and efficiency of "on-line" access and "on-demand" analysis and reporting.

Designed for use by providers and employers, the tool is convenient and cost effective and dramatically speeds up data collection, processing and reporting. Typical applications include, staff satisfaction surveys, training and management development, monitoring organisational change, measuring employee opinions and perceptions.
Surveys can include:
  • Secure access - User ID and Password
  • User defined questionnaire
  • Filter questions
  • Body questions
  • Pull down answers
  • Open answers and free text entry
  • Employee notification and communication tools
  • Paper questionnaire option with data processing
  • 360 degree analysis
  • Automatic on-line analysis and reporting tools
  • Powerful statistical tools and clear graphics
  • Engagement tools to maximise participation
  • On-line secure system access with password control
All users benefit from the efficiencies of using our secure servers and established systems while maintaining client confidentiality and employee anonymity.
To discover how our systems can help you please contact us.