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To create and sustain a healthy and effective workplace, it is vital to gain the opinions and feedback of the people working there. Regular staff surveys are a valuable tool and our systems are designed to make them very cost effective and easy to use.
Work and well-being survey
health-e-workplace™ survey is a comprehensive employee health, work and well-being audit tool.
Providing a powerful management information system whilst also exceeding the HSE requirements for stress risk assessment.  more
Employee attitude survey
A well executed attitude survey can provide employers with an insight into their employee's opinions.
Our customised employee attitude surveys are fast and cost effective combining efficient collection of data and automatic analysis and reporting.  more
Custom surveys
SurveyMaster™ allows existing paper questionnaires to be converted into a web-enabled custom survey with the power, convenience and efficiency of “on-line” access and automated processing, analysis and reporting. Ideal for a wide range of applications.  more