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Creating and maintaining a healthy workplace requires employers to understand the many factors that could affect their employees, both within and outside the workplace.
Health-e-workplace™ provides a comprehensive employee health, work and wellbeing audit tool. This not only exceeds HSE requirements for stress risk assessment, but also provides a powerful management information system.
The survey is customised for each client and may to include:
  • StressMeterPRO questionnaire
  • HSE stress risk assessment
  • User defined filter and body questions
  • Workpositive® survey
  • Reward and contribution
  • Safety and health at work
  • Work/Life balance
  • Diet, sleep, activity & anxiety indicators
  • Employee lifestyle profile
  • Staff attitude questions
  • Benchmarking and trending
Customised filter and body questions are used to provide a clear understanding of important issues. Employees access the survey on-line, or on paper, and system tools encourage participation and improve the quality of data collected.
Results can be accessed on-line, printed out for management reports and raw data exported for off-line analysis.
Health-e-workplace™ is often provided as a Managed Solution where the employer benefits from the support and expertise of a specialist provider to formulate the survey, collect the data and analyse and interpret the results.
For further information about health-e-workplace™ please contact us.