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Many of our clients describe the difficulty they encounter in administering an effective exit interview process and the frustration they feel at not being able to benefit from the valuable information that is literally "walking out of the door".

This may be due to the time, training and work involved in running face to face exit interviews, complex organisational and reporting structures, the perceived subjective nature of the results, or some unspoken desire to avoid exposure to potentially negative feed-back.  However, the fact remains that many employers are struggling to capture feedback which can be a key driver for organisational awareness and improvement.

Leavers KEY feedback™ has been specifically designed as an extremely cost effective solution for collecting feedback from all employees leaving your organisation and reporting the findings back in a systematic and compelling way. Leavers KEY feedback™ provides:

  • Fully integrated process from leaver notification to reporting.
  • Leavers KEY feedback™ questionnaire covering all critical aspects.
  • Secure on-line data collection.
  • Employee confidentiality.
  • Monthly reporting of all key findings.
  • Reporting schedule synchronised to your management calendar.
  • Trending and benchmarking against our database.

The knowledge possessed by departing employees can have immense value, capturing this feedback provides a unique opportunity to assess and improve many aspects of the workplace environment, culture, systems, management and organisation development.

Please call if you would like to learn more about Leavers KEY feedback™ and how it could be implemented in your organisation. Please contact us.