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In conjunction with our network of specialist providers, the managed solution benefits from our combined expertise in administering and interpreting employee surveys and stress risk assessments.
Using the StressMeter™, health-e-workplace™ and SurveyMaster™ tools, we oversee the process from design of the custom survey, data collection, analysis, interpretation through to presentation of your results.
Initial consultation to understand your specific needs, design & web enable your survey, agree target dates.
Communicate with staff, collect survey data, monitor and encourage participation.
Review data, carry out risk assessments, analyse and interpret results.
Formal report presentation, 12 months on-line access to management information, reporting and analysis tools. Expert support and advice on follow-up measures as needed.
Saves time and money
Our on-line survey systems are extremely efficient and typically take less than 4 weeks from agreeing survey content to receiving the final report. With a no-nonsense pricing structure the entire process is affordable, effective and expertly executed.
For further information on the managed solution please contact us.