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The effects of stress at work are well documented and include increased sickness absence, impaired performance and productivity and higher staff turnover.  There is also mounting evidence in the UK that failing to address stress at work can have significant legal and financial implications for employers.
The HSE have established a requirement for carrying out a workplace stress risk assessment that identifies the potential causes of stress at work and enables organisations to identify where action can be taken to reduce the risk. Assessment of the risks is also a legal requirement and compliance is enforced by HSE inspectors.
It is essential that line managers are equipped with the skills and behaviour they need to manage these situations effectively.
Based on validated HSE protocols, KEY 360° Feedback™ allows managers to assess the essential qualities they need to manage and reduce stress at work, reflect on their individual management style and identify their key opportunities for personal development.
KEY 360° Feedback™ is a rapid, cost effective and positive intervention that can provide a logical and targeted follow-up to an organisational HSE compliant Stress Risk Assessment survey.
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