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Workplace stress - the benefits of surveying the whole workforce.
Traditional methods of sampling the workforce and HSE guidelines for producing a representative random sample tend to reflect the unit costs and overall complexity of administering a paper questionnaire.
StressMeter™ provides a universally accessible web enabled survey that is cost effective and offers a number of other important benefits.  more
Workplace smoking ban introduced in UK.
The UK wide workplace smoking ban will come into full force on July 1st 2007. Many employers may wish to provide some additional support to your employees in helping them give up smoking.
The Quit@Work™ programme is a proven and cost effective workplace Smoking Cessation Course, providing employees with the guidance, support and tools they need to stop smoking.  more
Special offer! Have you completed a stress risk assessment using the HSE tool?
For a limited period and nominal cost, health-e-solutions™ are offering employers with the opportunity to import survey data from the HSE tool into the StressMeter™ system.
This will get the most from the data, provide valuable additional analysis and produce benchmarked results against other users of the system.
To discuss your options please contact us.
Work Positive survey now available
If you are working towards accreditation with Scotland's Health at Work (SHAW) programme and Healthy Working Lives initiatives, you may be interested in using the Work Positive option with your StressMeter™ and health-e-workplace™ survey.
This asks all the additional questions required and provides the enhanced reporting required to analyse, interpret and benchmark your results. For more information please contact us.